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IT guy stays in the office and gets seduced by a slutty mature blonde

This guy worked in IT. His job was to come and check stuff after the working day was over. Once, he realized his boss, an older blonde oozing out plenty
of sex appeal, is still in the office, and what is more, is watching him like a horny slut! The idea to keep this going seemed weird at first, but she was so
sweet and her mature body promised that everything would be done right. So, he let her take his hand and place it straight onto her cute soft jugs. One thing
led to another, and soon he was doing the wild sluttly bitch as she was rubbing her clit frantically and screaming. After all, she's the boss!

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Mean bossy MILF screwed, facefucked and spunked by a young worker
The bitch was always mean to him. The guy hated the attitude of his boss, a short-haired mature woman who just knew the perfect ways to drive him mad.
One day, he understood what it all was about. The skank just had an itch in her old pussy! She asked him to help her change into the deluxe stuff she just
bought, he tried to protest but soon realized it will be his revenge. Watch both get what they wanted! The older slutty boss got her snatch all sore and the guy
let some hell break loose as he was rubbing the MILF's throat and cunt with his fat throbbing dick. And the cumshot, that was great!
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Kinky and sexy secretary seduces his boss into lots of hardcore sex
The guy just could not get why his secretary was behaving like this. She changed her looks frequently, tried different makeup and fragrances, and somehow suggested it was not just work that she was doing. At first he thought she's scandalous, or had a drinking problem, but the truth was so much more pleasing. Checking through some stuff, she just pulled him closer by the tie, and before he could know, her mouth was all around his firm, veiny dick. Things got wilder
with every second, and soon he was pulling her by the braids, giving her a gloriously sore and swollen pussy. That's what she wanted!
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